10. Uplifting the Quality of the Lives of the Elderly People Programme

Shataphool Bangladesh aims to help in reducing the miseries of elderly people through the program. The program assists elderly people to access social safety services, financial benefits, and primary health care services of the elder person.

The following activities are being implemented under the program.   

  • Establishing social centers for the elderly people in every Union,
  • Providing old age allowances and assistive materials (walking sticks, commodes, blankets warm cloths, wheelchairs, umbrellas, etc);
  • Provision of Special Savings and Pension Fund;
  • Recognizing the contribution to society made by the elderly persons’
  • Awarding children for looking after their parents,
  • Providing appropriate credit and IGAs-based training facilities to the poor elderly people,
  • Offering physiotherapy services & geriatric nursing to the elderly by organizing training for the Physiotherapy Aide.
  • Rehabilitation of poor and distressed elderly in the community.

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