03. Agricultural Unit & Fish, Livestock Unit

Sustainable farming increased income and poverty alleviation through livestock and fish production depending on the proper implementation of the related activities. The Unit aims to ensure sustainable aquaculture and livestock production through financial and technical support, skill development, and quality assurance. Livestock Technologies Improved technologies demonstrated under the LC include semi-intensive Black Bengal Goat rearing, intensive dairying, beef fattening, vermi-compost production, buck rearing, broiler rearing, layer rearing, sonali chicken rearing, duck rearing, quail rearing, rabbit rearing, fodder production, improved steer cattle fattening, beef cattle development through Brahma crossbred cattle rearing programme, buffalo rearing, hydroponic fodder production, unconventional feed marketing and turkey production. Selected members are being provided with appropriate financial services, technical advice and farming inputs such as breeding animal, day old chicks, fodder cutting/saplings, housing design, anthelmintics, vaccines, disinfectant etc.

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